Start a Program

Encourage Your School to Recycle Empty Ink Cartridges

By recycling your school’s ink cartridges you can raise money for your school while helping the environment. Enrolling your school is easy: just collect at least 30 empty cartridges and contact us for FREE shipping labels! We pay cash for empty cartridges, which provides a an easy fundraising resource for schools and organizations. Visit our Accepted Cartridge & Values page for the full list of accepted inkjet and laser cartridges.

Tips To Help Grow Your Program

  • -Get the word out! Download our Fliers & Advertisements for schools & the community.
  • -Set up a designated drop-off zone in your school.
  • -Ask family, friends and neighbors to contribute empty printer cartridges from home.
  • -Contact your school district for widespread support.
  • -Promote Inkjets for Education at school functions such as PTA meetings, sporting events, and assemblies.
  • -Hold a school-wide contest! Encourage classes to compete for the most cartridges contributed!
  • -Send fliers home with each student.
  • -Hang a banner in a high traffic area, or create a bulletin board for greater visibility.
  • -Provide incentives for students who participate, like a weekly drawing or giveaway.
  • -Include Inkjets for Education in the environmental lesson plan. Encourage students to research the importance of recycling and collect ink cartridges to recycle as a class.

Business Sponsorship

One of the best ways to grow your school’s ink cartridge recycling program is to acquire sponsorship from local businesses. Local buisnesses can contribute to your school’s fundraising efforts by donating their empty ink cartridges. Not only does donating empty ink cartridges help the environment, but it is a FREE way for businesses to help schools in the community!¬†Local business sponsorship helps multiply the recycling efforts, resulting in more cash for schools. Click here to read more about Local Business Sponsorship.

Resources for Businesses

Inkjets for Education is not only for schools and charities. Any business or organization can recycle ink cartridges for cash! Learn more at our Business Participation page by clicking here.