Earn Cash by Recycling Your Empty Inkjet and Toner Cartridges

Inkjets for Education offers the easiest way to fundraise for your school or group.

Looking for a new way to raise money for your school, club or organization? With Inkjets for Education, cartridge recycling is easy and lucrative. We offer the highest buyback prices in the industry for your empty inkjet and toner cartridges. And all you have to do is:

1 Icon

COLLECT empty printer cartridges for your group, club or school. For ideas to help get you started, download Where and How to Collect Cartridges. Also consider starting an ink cartridge recycling program at your school. Visit our Start A Program at Your School page for more information on getting started!

2 Icon MAIL us your empty cartridges and enclose a copy of the Inkjet Cartridge Inventory List and/or the Toner Cartridge Inventory List in the Box.

3 Icon CASH your rewards check. Payments generally arrive in just 3 – 14 days!

It’s as simple as that!

Effective Immediately: For every Toner  Cartridge we receive that is damaged, previously refilled, or not on our Accepted Cartridge List we will deduct $1.00 from payment. Also, if only a small precentage of the Toners are broken, previously refilled, or not on our Accepted Cartridge List you will not be penalized and we will make every effort to absorb these losses. This only applies to Toner Cartridges only, not Inkjet Cartridges. Please understand that these situations inflate our shipping costs and also incur handing costs on our end to properly dispose of the cartridges and in the long-run causes us to lower our pricing.